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I am a channel for the Power of Light

Angel by Sosha ©️

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We learn from the trees, the stones, the water, the snow, their soul aura being a bright shining cascade of all colours in one: The white colour;
And when time is right, we, too shall learn to BE the coat of simplicity, the coat of many colours, the characteristic white coat, known world-wide in i.a. Iran, Egypt, The Holy Land, Mundo Maya, Atlantis, in the Celtic Lands, among the Incas, and the Inuits,
then we enter a timeless realm and SEE:
Our studies have indeed no beginning and no ends:

All religion is one. I, myself, come from my own origin, but help others no matter creed or colour.

Many years ago, I met – unexpectedly – Jesus during a drumming journey, and he said to me: “From now on your pain will be different. It took me many years to understand what he meant by that, but one day, I discovered, that during those years – through my work, I had carried the pain of others physically and mentally, and Jesus had, of course, been there all the time. I also remembered, how, as a child, I objected, when somebody said to me: “Jesus will carry our burdens” and I said: “I will help Jesus, he must not stand alone!. Since that time Jesus has taught me many things. One day he said to me: “If you taunt the Moslems, I’m a Moslem, if you taunt the Jews, I’m a Jew. If you taunt the non-believers, I’m a non-believer” etc… and for every one of those people, he placed himself in their place… if they wanted him to.

Grail Bearer – the Christ Energy manifest on Earth:
The Holy Grail is often depicted as a chalice, or a stone, preferably a green stone, which is said to have fallen from Lucifer’s crown when the Archangel Michael sent him to Earth.
Really, it is a consciousness within the heart which enables the individual to see and feel other people’s pain, physically as well as psychically.

We have three ways of thinking: Our logic, which we may consciously connect with our spirituality through our third eye, the pineal gland, and the pituitary (the violet ray, the brow chakra), thus attaining a higher consciousness, our heart (the green ray, the heart chakra), and our instincts (the yellow ray, our solar plexus). It is wisest to use a combination of all three ways of thinking, but if in doubt, then listen mostly to your heart.
In the Aura-Soma realm, there is a quintessence called The Holy Grail and The Solar Logos, it is olive green – a mixture between the yellow and the green, so this is the consciousness of the heart.
Some people are grail bearers, simply because they can do and feel the above mentioned, many people have guarded the holy wells in previous lives.
My soul aura is the light violet ray, and as a grail bearer, I feel and work with the physical and and psychic pain of all living beings.


AVALON. Since the beginning of time priests and priestesses have come to Avalon to teach and to learn. They came from Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and The Holy Land, they came from all over the world. Jesus also came to this place as a child together with Mary Magdalene. He sailed on Joseph of Arimathea’s ship. That Joseph, who later, according to the old Glastonbury-legend, planted his staff in the ground on Wearyall Hill and “Claimed 12 hides of land” – one “hide” was the land sufficiently large for a peasant family to live – three of the old corner stones are still there. This place has engraved in it’s soil and it’s waters, and in the magnificent Tor, the knowledge of all mankind, consequently Chalice Well Garden has been dedicated a World Peace Centre. Indeed, it is the Heart Chakra of the entire World.
In the beginning of year 2021 I was told to allocate this journey to the Heart Chakra of Denmark at Himmelbjerget, which translates as Heaven’s Mountain.

MONTSERRAT: This is the place where the Holy Grail reveals itself, but only if you let go. When you do so, you are connected to all living beings. This place has engraved in it’s soil and it’s waters, and in the strange conical mountains, the knowledge of all stars and planets. This is the Planetary Heart Chakra. By the end of year 2021 I was told to allocate this journey to The Planetary Heart Chakra of Denmark to the island of the knight’s templars, Bornholm.

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The Red Spring with the Holy Thorn in Avalon/Glastonbury, England

Montserrat, Spain


The Grail Castle Hammershus


No one is superior to another but in deeds of love,
hence, go forth from here and surrender
for the Light of God
to shine through your Heart
Love is all there is
thus speaks the Grail