Advanced Course

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Advanced Course
Clairvoyance/ Nature Healing

Take responsibility for your own life, give others responsibility for their life, a quite unique and outstanding course which can give you a greater freedom and determination in your life.

You may only attend this course if you have participated in the basic course, or, if you have had 8 lessons in my “One Year Apprenticeship”.

I will be there all the time and guide you into your own personal power with the knowledge of my spiritual guides.

Remembering the exercises we did on the basic course, we will go deeper into the knowledge of the different spiritual powers, and spirit helpers, which will enable us to find more ways to heal and do readings.

Previously we learned to work with our heart energy. We will further explore and make that power manifest in our entire being, and with the purpose of manifesting our personal Power in the non-physical, as well as in the physical world, based on the heart energy within us, we will additionally learn to work with our solar plexus energy in doing healing as well as in manifestation and visibility. We will learn consciously to enhance and diminish our ability to become visible or invisible in the physical world. Silence may take place.

We will learn, that time, place, and shape do not exist, only love, and that there exist a multitude of realities and universes where we can enter, we will learn, that everything, also the future, already exist in a multitude of forms and possibilities, so that we via our solar-plexus and the use of our free will can travel back and forth in time, regulate our energy, and we will learn consciously to manifest our power to be more or less physically visible and will work with milestones in our lives, both future and past thus enabling us to make manifest our will to plan our own lives and repair our past.

We have our free will, and in order to obtain maximum freedom and power over our own life, we will work on important headlines in our life, in the past and future as well, in this way we will learn to manifest our will to plan our own life, and clear the rubble in the past, in this context we will learn to see several possible dates for our death, and choose freely the very best possibility – at any time of our lives – which will make us virtually immortal until the time WE plan to leave this place, and focus on it so that we can more carefully prepare ourselves for the important events in our lives, and come to understand what would be appropriate for us to do to live as righteously, happily, and, as long as we wish, aware that our lives do not only serve our own purpose, but that of the entire universes. To find the time of your death will enable you to map your life more clearly. Imagine that you want find a destination on your GPS.

We will work with the Voice and the Power of Music to create and manifest energy. You do not need to be musical to do so, it is Intention and energy that counts.

Remember to bring leisure clothing, bed linen, duvet, and pillow/sleeping bag, mattresses, bandana, or scarf to cover your eyes during spiritual journeys, and blankets.
Friday evening we deal with the financial matters first, and during dinner we will have time to talk about the logistics and practical information. If you have a rattle, a drum, crystals, or other power-object that you feel like bringing, with the sole purpose of aiding yourself, or others, do so. If you do not have any of these, bring a matchbox with rubber band as rattle.

During the course, alcohol, or drugs are not allowed. Those, who need medicine are ofcourse free to use it, and smokers may smoke during breaks outside using the ash trays provided.

I look very much forward to seeing you again…