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29th-31st March 2019 Advanced Course read here
25th May – 1st June 2019 Grail Journey to Montserrat, Spain: Our planetary heart chakra, the mountain where Sir Parcival found The Holy Grail and the Grail Castle, price €685, add another €140 if you want to take the extra trip to Barcelona. all is full, scroll down to se the next trip
read here and here
6th-13th Sept 2019 Grail Journey to Glastonbury/Avalon All is full.
 1st-3rd  November 2019 Basic Course  read here
7th-9th Februar 2020
 Follow up Course
read here
7th-14th March 2020 Grail Journey to Montserrat, Spain: Our planetary heart chakra, the mountain where Sir Parcival found The Holy Grail and the Grail Castle
read here and here
1st-8th May 2020 Grail journey to Glastonbury/Avalon, esitmated price some 6000 kr. all inclusive, ex. flight, if you would prefer to have our own fabulous cook to do the cooking, it will be an extra 1000 kr. read here and here

Sosha i samspil med “I Mesterens Lys” og præsten Ole Skjerbæk Madsen i Betlehemskirken, København

Dear lovely people, I wish for many more events, but below you may read a little more about what I’m doing presently! Please be patient, since I have a few month’s waiting list for readings and healing – however, I would very much like to play some more deeply healing directly channelled music on my harp – and sing – and I would also very much like to do more lectures and courses. In this way I can reach many more people with my healing work.

I play music at birthdays, confirmations, weddings, and other special events. If you, too, would wish for me to play for you and your loved ones, then contact me.

In the beginning of March 2017 I started working together with Lisa Tjalve where I contribute with esoterical/historical material about tales and legends as well as, ofcourse, with my psychic ability. We had a deeply inspiring first meeting where the words almost flowed all by themselves. It is evident, that the subject, which cannot yet be revealed, is borne by the Higher Powers. It seems, I might also be one of the actors in the piece. When text and replies are written, the piece will subsequently be composed by a renowned composer. Read about royal opera singer Lisa Tjalve on her official website

We will be doing two guided meditations, who are relevant to the participants. The meditations are always different. While we do the meditations I play my harp. In the pause between the two meditations we serve some bread and tee. Expect healing during the meditations. Entry DKK 250 Ring på +45 24410021 for information about the next meditation at new moon.

As a Druid I perform marriages, however these are not recognized by the Danish legislation (they are in the UK). I do not take anything for this work, except that the bride and groom must cooperate about making a present to me. Below is a beautiful picture from a wedding: