One year apprenticeship

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1 Year Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is individually designed and is consequently based on the individual and his/her gifts and requrirements, partly through guidance from Sosha’s, and the student’s spirit guides, partly through direct dialogue between teacher, and student.

The duration of the apprenticeship will be based on whether below mentioned curriculum is being taught and learned, and will typically take approximately one year, provided the student is being lectured every fourtnight. If the student has attended the courses I’m doing, the apprenticeship is being equally  shortened, if the student takes longer to go through the curriculum, the number of lessons will be equally prolonged. The student will be given plenty of homework and must practice theoretically as well as practically. If so desired, a diploma will be issued after the final exam.

The student will learn to practice, and journey with the aid of the Miriam HaMigdal’s Light Exersise (Mary Magdalene) as well as being able to journey aided by a drum, and will through these vehicles be able to get in contact with his/her spirit helpers, i.e. higher self, guardian angel, archangel, life energy, other spiritual guides, and the student’s spiritual teacher in the other reality who will teach the student about her/his mission as a psychic, working practice, and morale, the masculine and feminie aspect (animus and anima) and which plant the student’s spiritual guide represent, and the student’s personal Tree of Life. The student will learn to communicate with all living beings, including trees, plants, herbs, stones, and animals, as well as colours/frequency/sound, and she/he will come to work with the four elements as well as with the element of ether. At some point the student will have to do a vision quest to be confronted with, and conquor his/her greatest fear. Aided by the drum, the student will travel back into her/his physical family and strike roots in her/his forefather and foremother. The chakras of the human being will be reviewed. Subsequently the student will practise readings, and healings. Consequently a practial knowledge will emerge, that alle energy is frequencies = colours = sound.

Eventually the student will learn to work with cosco energy, to meditate, other breathing- and chakra practices, to activate a sword given by an archangel, to travel back and forth in time by which means he/she will find landmarks in his/her life, read stones, read maps to find somebody/something/feel energy, DNA-activation, sound healing, and silence, and it may be possible for the student to learn different kinds of healing- and reading techniques, and learn about the outlook of other cultures about energy belts, etc.; In this context the student might learn to use different musical instruments, song, dance, fasting and change of diet to open up for Spirit, only to mention a few examples.

Readings, and healing take place with the student being an interpreter of the spiritual world and the student will be thoroughly instructed in the different energy levels, and the different Spiritual guides.

The student will learn to distinguish between destructive and creative powers and will learn to deal with them in a calm, balanced way without fear, or judgement, but with great love.

We will discuss different people’s personality, and personality disorders, and see, that no person is doing anything that they are not convinced of is right. There is always a reason, the person might have been driven by fear, is/has been subject to force, suffers/suffered from a mental, or physical disease, or maybe the person was/is an addict. It is the task of a clairvoyant/healer to solve these problems, not to condemn then.

The student might learn about the myriads of different life forms, not only on this earth, but also from other realms, and in this context he/she will see the effect it has made on the different cultures of the earth. In this context, the different ancient cultures, different religions, and outlooks might be mentioned, and the student might explore these, using her/his clairvoyant and healing abilities.

The student will get the chance to explore the structure of the universes and see the context between all living beings, as above, so below.

The student will during his/her apprenticeship currently practice readings, soul retrieval, and counselling, etc., and the students might sometimes be working together with another student. The student, and the teacher will, in mutual agreement, bring volunteers, so that the student will learn about doing readings for many different people.

After having finished her/his apprenticeship, the student must do 20 full-time readings without taking money for it. Consequently, the student is being called in to a final evaluation and lecture, which will hopefully result in a diploma. Subsequently there might be some supervision.

Psychology and ethics:

It is essential to be grounded, otherwise no exact spiritual contact is possible; it is the powerful grounding which activates the other powers, through which healing, and readings are possible.

Be a neutral interpreter and get all your information from your own, and your client’s spiritual guides.

Put yourself in the place of the client, either as a grail bearer (which means that you can feel the pain of your client physically and mentally during a reading), or as an observer.

Respect your client’s personal space and meet any kind of attitude/ decision from your client with respect, especially because love must always be prevalent to the client, much more so, than most messages from Spirit.

Have no motive, prejudices, expectations, and personal feelings when dealing with the ethics, religion, morale, etc., as it says in the scout law “have your own opinion, and respect the opinion of others”.

Speak the truth and translate directly everything your spirit guides ask you to say.

See every person as a mirror of yourself.

Create as much happiness as possible, and as little pain as possible while remembering that it is our task to heal and create.

Conduct yourself in a manner that does not appear to be offensive or ethically incorrect to the client.

Be precise, meticulous, and respectful, Vær præcis, omhyggelig og respektfuld, conscientious and honest about any spiritual work.

Ingestion of alcohol and / or awareness-raising substances is not permitted while performing spiritual work.