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credendo_videsClairvoyance –
also by phone/mail/Skype

€210 for 1-1 ¼ hour incl. CD, or record on your own smartphone.
(very efficient time)

A shorter clairvoyance:
Minimum 20 min. €64
€3,2 per minute up to 30 minutes
30 minutes, and more €2,8 per minute.

Student, pensioned, or unemployed:
€175 for 1 1/4 hour incl. CD, or record on your own smartphone.
Minimum 20 min. €45
€2,25 per minute up to 30 minutes
30 minutes, and more €2,34


Subsequent counselling/advice with only a small amount of clairvoyance and more dialogue, for example in couples therapy, help and dialogue with children and teen-agers, or their parents, or, if your own spiritual guides do much of the work: €175 for 1 1/4 hour incl. CD, which is €135 if you are also a student, pensioned, or unemployed.

Students, and harp lessons:
€175 for 1-1 ¼ time incl. CD, which is €135 if you are also a student, pensioned, or unemployed.

Courses –  prices are unchanged, so far, but will probably go up – for the first time ever – in 2018:
€305 which is incl. deposit €150, and food, accomodation is an extra €45. You are registered when the deposit of €150 has been paid to me, and when you have mailed your full name, adresse, mail, telephone and name of course to me.

You may attend the same course for half the price next time, however you must pay the full amount for food and accomodation.

If you wish, make a group and order a course anywhere and anytime (more or less).

Next Course: See Calendar

Aura-Soma bottle:

CD ”My Faery Child”

Your own personal and directly channelled healing CD:

CD “The Mary Magdalene Light Exercise”

Postage and handling

New moon meditation:
€34 per night, please register on +45 24410021

Harp concert/ Lectures
€500 for 3½ hour.

Once you have booked a session, be aware that I work with you two days ahead and two days after the scheduled appointment, thus cancellations within this period will be debited with half the amount of the session. If you cannot attend the reading in person, the full amount for the reading must be visible on my account latest two days before our agreement. If you fail to do that, we shall have to postphone our agreement until the next available time in my calender.

My CD, “My Faery Child” is channelled harp music. Just like my previous CD, “A Faerytale of Light” you can order it from a Danish library. You may experience healing, power, and peace of mind after having listened to this music.

You can buy it from me, or at Købmanden I Vrads, St. Bredlundvej 6, 8654 Bryrup, tlf. 7+45 5757030 contact: Hanne Gustavussen +45 75756867.


Ring and register for one of the courses below.

As soon as we are a minimum of 5 persons for the course in question, we will set a date.

Or: Gather 5 people and ring me!

The courses below take place at our premises in “Skovbrynet”, Hovedgaden 55, DK-8654 Bryrup, surrounded by forest, hills, and lakes.

When you have registered, deposit can not be refunded.

Learn reading, and nature healing – Find your own way!
Next course: See Calendar

For all previous participants, and student. We learn several other ways to do healing and readings, thanks to the teacher’s knowledge of numerous techniques, like soul retrieval, or voice dialog.
Next course: See Calendar

This course require no prerequisites. Next course? see Calendar

ADVANCED COURSE: A completely unique and different course:
We will work with time, visibility and the solar-plexus power (cosco-energy) in relation to ourselves and all beings in the universe.
Next course: See Calendar

We will work with the ancient teachings of the druids, the five elements, the Christ- and Mary Magdalene-energy.
This course is deeply transforming for the heart energy!
Next course: See Calendar

The Mary Magdalene Light Exercise at €12 can ONLY be bought by contacting me personally, since it works with the kundalini-energy.

Next pilgrimage: See Calendar. Read about the grail course CLICK HERE and contact me as soon as possible on telephone, or mail, since the place we will be staying is much sought after.  Being a Druid (I’m a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids see here) and with a special relationship to Jesus and Mary Magdalene I have eventually arranged quite a lot of trips to Glastonbury.
The grail journey in May takes 7 days and the price will be €1,196 everything included, but ex. flight ticket.
The grail journey in july 2018 takes 8 days and the price for this journey is consequently €1396. On the latter journey we will experience the Celtic festival Lughnasad, and hopefully we will also see crop circles; The participants will be going through a very intense process.
On the grail journey in December I have booked Little St. Michael’s, which is also part of Chalice Well Trust and can accomodate 10 pilgrims in two 3-bed rooms, 2 single rooms, and one double room. This increases the comfort, so consequently the price for this pilgrimage is € 1296.
We will consider, which sacred places to go to, partly through dialogue, partly through clairvoyant counselling.
You register by paying a deposit of €700 and submit your full name according to pasport, adress and telephone by mail. The deposit is non-refundable.
To this price comes the flight ticket which we might book together during a Skype-meeting, prices may vary according to where you come from.See ya!
. If you want to join the next retreat, then read more about the grail course and contact me as soon as possible by mail. See ya!

My Danish account No. is  Jyske Bank: 7247 0001214659
IBAN: DK1272470001214659
If you live in Denmark you can also pay by MobilePay. My MobilePay number is 24388.

If you cannot pay in DKK, just give me your email and pay by Paypal. I will then send you an email, and then you just click “pay” and pay by credit card. Also, Paypal is less expensive for you, than if you had to transfer money, I will only charge a fee of €7 for each transaction since it will cost me some DKK 100 per transaction (we divide the cost).

The brightest of blessings:
Sosha Lillielys Gornitzka
”Skovbrynet”, Hovedgaden 55, 8654 Bryrup
mobile +25 24 41 00 21