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The Grail-Course was handed down to me by Mary Magdalene during the Christmas holidays in 2007 and affects your heart chakra in a deeply transforming way, all depending on, ofcourse, how easily you can surrender to Love.

In the beginning it was a workshop, and lasted one day only, but since the course had such a deep impact on people, it became necessary to expand it. First with one more day, and then with yet another day to an entire week-end.

I also have some professional knowledge to share, since I am a member of a druid order, the OBOD, Read about my order here. You see, the druids were the first spiritual group ever, outside the Holy Land, that is, to accept christianity, and the knowledge which was handed over directly by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who often sailed with Joseph of Arimathea to the sacred isle of Avalon, can be found here in it’s oldest form.

The Grail Course is deeply transformative for your life, since it works with the heart-energy along with being re-born again into your own true soul form. Mary told me, that it is the most powerful of all my courses, and indeed, it is so much different from the others, and I’ve often seen students on this course undergoing a strong personal development on many levels.

In deep contact with the Higher Powers I will open the course by telling the ancient story about the Holy Grail on a much deeper heart-level than most people know, and then I will tell the students about the Druid’s rôle in this context.

I will proceed to tell about the teachings of the Druids and their steps of initiations and then, aided by the powerful sound of my harp, I will lead the students into some deeply healing guided meditations based on the five grail symbols, which are arranged in front of the students on a very special altar, these meditations will enhance the student’s heart energy and sensitivity to their fellow beings, and connect them with various Celtic energy entities thus bringing them into the deepest grail mysteries and connecting them with the strongly healing spiritual awakening which follows when a being can surrender itself totally and absolutely to the Power of Light within and without.

We will work with a powerful symbolic world, where, ofcourse, the Holy Grail has a central place, however also empowered by the other grail symbols of no less potency, the sword Excalibur, the Stone, the Spear of Destiny, and, ofcourse the fifth element, Ether, or Caer Wydyr, which represents Love, when you are centered in your innermost being, your heart, it is this substance, that binds all the elements together to a whole.

Subsequently the students will have the opportunity to describe their visions and experiences, and, as a translator for the Higher Powers, I will send light, amplify and clarify the individual’s experience.

These very strong impressions will be manifest on many levels in us during the course, during the performance of practical ceremonial work, along with being able to work more intensively with ourselves and others in connection with the grail-symbols.