Silver Spring Essences

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The Essences

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BerberisHart’s TongueWatercressDandelionForget-Me-NotStar-Of-Bethlehem – Mary’s BedstrawHollyThornMugwort – AlderOakLimeWonder FlowerRowan – Evernia

And here is what it is all about…:
My dear friend Alice, who sings with me in the cantory of the Catholic Church of Our Lady, has made this beautiful digital collage, which you can see below. In the picture you see Mother Mary protecting and inspiring a woman in prayer next to the source of a holy spring. The woman is dressed in white, symbolizing purity of thought. Surrounding the picture is a wreath of roses – for the rose is Mother Mary’s flower – and to the left you can see the dove of peace which also represents the Holy Spirit, and the ability to speak in tongues. The woman in prayer cannot take her eyes away from the grail, which seems to float in the air, and the grail is filled with the sacred water from the well. The flower essence descends from Heaven and is being united with the lifegiving waters, and the birds drink the wisdom thereof.

As you know, I’m a psychic healer and help many people every day. And I was busy, as always during the corona-time, but since I personally had more time, and also went into self-isolation after my homecoming as a guide for pilgrims to Montserrat, Spain, this has opened my senses even more to the wonderful nature around us.

I’m quite confident, that quite a few of you have experienced something the like. In fact, I saw so many people, as I’ve never seen before, walking the land just like me.

As some of you know, I can speak with animals, rocks, plants, trees… and flowers.

As some of you might also know, I have spent many a good time in Avalon: The city of Glastonbury in England, and I myself have been on some courses there with Natacha Wardle who has given birth to the Chalice Well Essences. Here I learned a lot; Brainy stuff, as well as spiritual stuff, and, that, of course, which was easiest to me, was to speak to flowers, bushes, and trees… and create essences.

The first two essences I shall mention to you, the Chalice Well Co-Creation essences, were created in our group during the two courses I’ve been on, so far. The succeeding ones are Silver Spring Essences, created in the Lake Highlands of Jutland in silent communication between myself, and the plant.
All essences knew when the right time would be for them to be born.
Silver Spring, however made its presence known first, and consequently all Silver Spring Essences are born from its holy waters.
This is the messages from the plants to us in this difficult and confusing time, so I hope that their silent words, put in writing by a humble interpreter, can bring you consolation, inspiration, and happiness.
If you feel like it, you can buy them. Each essence costs €16