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Dandelion – Courage
Taraxacum Officinale
Born 20.4.2020 – Digit sum 1 -The Sun

Dandelion was born on a sunny day in the middle of the corona crisis. The day was the first very hot day, where you could sit outside wearing shorts. Subsequently the mother essence insisted to sit in a window for a day and a night to follow the circle of the sun and moon.

A few days before Dandelion’s birth, a rare phenomenon could be seen in the sky in Denmark, several days in a row, the Sun Dog; it is a full Rainbow Circle surrounding the sun that has bright white lights, looking like horns, at the Four Directions. The Sun Dog is a rare natural phenomenon, which occurs when tiny ice crystals are in the air, and it was named by Native Americans. The name is now used by scientists all over the world. There is a Native American prophesy that many Sun Dogs will be seen around the time of the White Buffalo, which will be the Sky Language sign that the Secret and Sacred Teachings are to be shared with all four races; the red, the white, the black, and the yellow race. Enough of the Children of Earth will be awakened to carry the responsibility of the teachings and the healing process will begin in full swing.”.

Dandelion is also born under the Four Horns, which indicates the time when the star sign Taurus takes over from Aries. Aries is from the 21.3.-19.4., and represents the courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, and passionate. Then Taurus takes over from 20.4.-20.5. and represents the reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, and stable.

As was the case with Watercress, it was not MY idea that Dandelion should be born on this day; It was only subsequently, that I was brought to remember the above mentioned.

So, I sat there with the burning sun in my back, facing a cluster of Dandelion, and …. cautiously… pushed the bowl of water from Silver Spring closer to the flowers….

Dandelion speaks; I am brave and know my strength, I stand in the middle of my own center and I am not afraid of the opinion of others. I am a rebel, I love freedom for all beings, and that’s why, me thinks, the Danes call me The Devil’s Milk Bucket. So, I stand my ground proudly and show myself to everyone, poor and rich alike, I show my teeth, which are my beautiful serrated leaves, and my lion’s mane, which are my golden flowers with the thousand petals. I am a practical and useful being. I am a bringer of happiness and health to animals and humans alike. I have my own root, my taproot deeply anchored in the ground. Oh yes, I do know where I belong, and I have many flowers attached to it, yet I grow in clusters, for I care for my family, so we make room for each other, yes we do, and yet we are together, strongly united.

A bumblebee has just landed on one of my flowers and its golden stripes are reflected in my striped leaves and my golden flowers. A bit later two bees land, they do the same. Fortune rewards the bold. The Devil’s Milk Bucket, Ha! Can’t you see; I am the Holy Grail of the poor, for in me they see the reflection of their own soul, their own strength, without reading stuff.

Do not despair, I am a messenger of goodness, and happiness sprouting from sorrow and pain. Behead me, and I will be stronger yet, and I freely give you my root, my leaves, and my flowers, so that you may learn to strengthen your immune system physically, and mentally.

“Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it”, says Braveheart.

I, Dandelion call to warfare against dictatorship and coercion, against fear and unrest, I call upon calm and strength, I give you COURAGE.