Basic Course

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Find your own way Meet your spiritual guides, find your own power, and use it

I will be there all the time and guide you into your own personal power with the knowledge of my many different guides, and the experience I carry with me from many previous lives.

We will start making a circle and work with the Force, partly through a special chakra meditation. Then follows a brief instruction in the four directions and afterwards we will enter into Silence where we should not speak, or be spoken to, until the next morning after breakfast, this enhances our senses and perception of others, be they human, animal, vegetable, or purely spiritual. Before taking leave for the night we will go out and observe nature in a different way remembering to stay in the energy, the special meditation has given us, which will enable us to communicate more clearly with Nature, speak to trees, animals, plants, elves, etc. I will be there to support the participants, and people who feel fear, confusion, or feel ill are quite welcome to speak to me in private.

The following day, we will enter deeper into the Force and the four directions, the four elements, Father Sky, and Mother Earth, and we will do some more exercises, partly to get in contact with our guides, primarily our Guardian Angel and our Chief Archangel, and also other helpers. Though our work we will cooperate in finding the origin of every single participant of the course through previous lives. Then we will do an exersise which will enable us to get in contact with our ancestors in our earthly family. During all this, you will learn techniques to entered a clearer state of mind. Once more, we will go out in Nature and experience how our attitude to life has changed. We will eventually do healing and readings guided by own guides, and assisted by mine. It is strongly recommended to stay overnight, if possible.

Remember to bring casual clothing, bed linen, duvet and pillow/sleeping bag. Also bring mattresses, bandana, or scarf to cover your eyes during spiritual journeys, and blankets. Friday evening we deal with the financial matters first, and during dinner we will have time to talk about the logistics and practical information. If you have a rattle, a drum, crystals, or other power-object that you feel like bringing, with the sole purpose of aiding yourself, or others, feel free to do so. If you do not have any of these, bring a matchbox with rubber band as rattle.

During the course, alcohol, or drugs are not allowed. Those, who need medicine, are of course free to use it, and smokers may smoke during breaks outside using ash trays.

I look very much forward to seeing you!