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Alder – Stamina
Latin: Alnus
If freedom is what you desire, then free the captured animals, plants, and trees. Then you, too, may live.
Born on the 21st of December 2020 at 11:02 a.m., digit sum 1 from whence all digits originate, The Sun
In the Ogham, the 3rd letter F. Oracular and protective.
Fearn is the Celtic name for Alder and is pronounced” Verern”.

Every human being has a tree connected to his/her personality. My Elven name, Sorcha Fearn-Sidhe – pronounced “Verern-Shee” – means “Shining Alder Faery”.

Fearn also means pole in Celtic, for many an old building is built on alder, since, like oak, it lasts forever if only there is water. The alder roots stabilise the banks of the waters and create shadow and protection for all beings in water, in air, and on land. In the alder stumps (the elevated roots) many animals can hide, and the trees nourish the surrounding earth with nitrogen, which is an important nutrient for plants.

Alder represents all four elements and is consequently balancing the masculine and the feminine.

Alder wanted to be born on the exact time at winter solstice when the sun turns on the shortest day, which was at 11:02. Moreover, Jupiter and Saturn were in conjunction during this period of time until the 26th of December and was visible in the night sky from approx. 4:30-5:30 p.m. This is a rare sight, for there are only 6 great conjunctions from year 1600-2599 where Saturn and Jupiter’s minimum separation is below 0.2 degrees (seen with our eyes from the earth), namely year 1623, 1683, 2020, 2080, 2417 and 2477. Saturn is the karma planet and represents rules, authority, reliability, limitations, and freedom IF you follow the laws of nature, and Jupiter represents happiness, optimism, wealth, welfare, and development IF you have the courage to plunge into something new.

So here, at 11:02 I sat between two alders in my little forest with the bowl of Silver Spring water placed between the three of us. And just before the sun was about to turn, my cat Inti came by, looked at the bowl of water and whetted his claws on one of the alders. This to “re-mark” that his name, Inti is the name of the Sun God of the Incas, and that we must fight for the Earth.

Then the alders took turns speaking, for alders are social with each other and are good at cooperating – And they  said: I am a warrior, I break new ground and I am full of life, also during wintertime. I distinguish between true and false; I protect you by giving you stamina. I prophecy that all will be well – if only you listen and respond to your lesson!

Then a shining orb, the size of 1m, emerged between the two alders.

I am enlightenment and show you your fate (Saturn), so that you may work with it (Jupiter). Look at how you treat the earth, the water, the air, and the fire, and do something about it. If not, nature’s messages, presently introduced by corona, will only be replaced by clearer lessons. I am you teacher, your base, light- and fire-warrior bridging the waters, protecting and cleansing the earth.

I am calm, centering your heart. I am wisdom, and Raven, the bird with which I share my qualities, tells me about the pollution of everything. Wake up, Raven says, land in distress! We must wake the humans so that they see their own folly, see things as things are, see and understand!

I, Alder never give up, yes, even if you hurt me, fell me, my juices, which are red as blood, will cry to the heavens about the injustice committed to the forests of the land! We are your lungs; we are your freedom. If you want freedom without restrictions, you must follow the laws of nature and give all beings freedom to be. Give the trees and the animals, yes, all living, freedom, do you not see the cycle of life?

Then I see that the shining orb between the two alders becomes a mirror, showing me everything I am, containing everything I must learn.

Now an electrical field emerges from the roots of the two trees moving like high voltage fields, striking the water in the bowl – firewater – Bang! – Pop! The water is being transformed into the stamina which comes from seeing oneself. That which gives strength to overcome fear, anxiety, stress, and unease is to have the end in view, to have clarity, so that you know what you must, for then you fear nothing.

Solution – absolution

Here I sit, totally overwhelmed and feel the powerful force from the trees going right through me.

Martin Luther: “Here I stand, I can do no other”.

Braveheart: ”Freedom”.

Alder is said to harmonise, cleanse, and be an astringent, and the dried bark is used for inflammation in the mouth and throat, for toothache and bleeding gums. It is also said to alleviate skin problems, such as eczema, wound infections, burns and hemorrhages. It may improve the intake of nutrients.