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Berberis – Self-Assessment
Berberis Darwinii
Golden Dragon
Born 16th of March 2019
The saying of the Knights Templars: Nosce Ipsum = know yourself
The saying of The Brotherhood of the Light: When you know yourself, you know God.

To love yourself which means that you can love others. Serenity through assessment.

The day before, on the 15th of March we should go to the Chalice Well Garden. Already in the meeting room, the Higher Powers spoke to me: “Go to the Holy Thorn at the Lion’s Head”. I went there and looked around. Suddenly it seemed like I saw a flash of light, turned my head and saw a bush that I had never noticed before with beautiful yellow flowers. It was growing at the fence between garden and road, and I sensed its protective energy. To me it said: “STOP, don’t go any further, stay where you are”; It was a personal message to me. It told me that it helps with boundary problems and shows us when enough is enough. Moreover, it spoke to me and said: “This is my home, I was put here as a protection and sentinel against the different kind of energy on the other side of the fence.”

Great was my surprise and happiness, when Natascha in silence took us to the bush the day after. That was the plant we should work with!

During the birth of Berberis lots of little masculine and feminine devas were present, which turned out to be little dryads (which is normally the soul of trees), but these ones were quite small: “A bush is a small tree”, the bush told me. One of the dryads, who reminded me of Sir Gawain poked me on my shoulder and said “Wake up! And an image of Gurdijeff’s teachings turned up in my mind; Gurdijeff taught that most humans do not possess a unified consciousness and thus live their lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep“. I also saw an image of the sleeping king, Holger Danske in Elsinore Castle, who is said to wake up, when Denmark is being attacked.

The sun was shining through its leaves, creating rays of lights like the ones you can see in the sky when light is travelling from heaven to earth through holes in the clouds. At some point during the process some of its flowers generously descended into the bowl of water at its feet.

Berberis says: I enrich you and do not burn out, I am a phoenix. I am inner contagious happiness. The Power of Light. Guardian and sentinel for Sacred Space, your Sacred Space. Brexit: Who shall reap and who shall sow, good Lord, show me the way. The Archangel Michael, the Dragon Path. A combination of masculine and feminine fire: Ida and pingala, the two kundalini powers connecting with shushumna. Old knowledge. To rest in the presence and the truth of who you are.

Berberis says:

  • I am your root chakra, and yet I connect you with your crown, and the golden connection of inspiration, which descends through your ID-point.
  • I am the Burning Bush from the Bible, I am who I am, for only thus I can connect you with the universe.
  • I am a firewall, a sentinel, and I can protect you against damaging entities, Wi-Fi, and 5G.
  • I am a messenger and a guardian, I am your crown, I bring you happiness and abundance and take you to high and low places. My flowers are ringing bells of alarm, and help you to deal with difficult emotional problems, help you to be fully alive and present, also sexually.
  • I am love kissing the essence of your soul.
  • Who do you share your true self with? I restore your self-respect through gentleness, and I am deeply rooted in the earth.
  • It comes natural to me to speak the truth and show my great span through the dark green serrate leaves and bright golden flowers.
  • Always open, always ready to have some fun, always brave and daring.
  • I am your inner fire, dragon’s breath, your inner core, you awakening power. Your life force I am.
  • The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become. When first you have met me, you can never lose sight of me, I am your inner consciousness, your inner voice, I bring you to your inner chore and to your SOUL.

Berberis is a known remedy against cancer, it is an astringent, and its bark, root, and stem can be used for dying cloth and produce a beautiful yellow colour. In the autumn it has purple-blue edible berries, which can be used in herbal medicine. The purple-blue berries are complementary to the golden flowers, and its leaves look like a miniature version of a holly leaf.