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Oak – Kindred
Latin: Quercus
Oak speaks and says: “Stamina – Courage – Strength – Wisdom – Loyalty – Protection”
Born 27th of January 2021 Digit Sum: 6 Venus
On FN’s International Holocaust Day, with the moon in Cancer, and the day before full moon in Leo:
Fearless fight for freedom and justice, for the birthright of all mankind to follow their heart and act upon it, as long as it does no harm to others. The downfall of all patriarchal domains and discrimination.
20th of January Joe Biden became the president of the United States with Kamela Harris as vice president.
In the Ogham alphabet it is the 7th letter, Duir, the Celtic word for a door. A pathway to the light.
The King of Trees with roots as deep as it’s crown I s tall.
Oak timber lasts forever, if soaked in water:
Many an old castle was built on oak. Ships, piers, timber frames, and houses were made of oak.
Oaks are often struck by lightning, and then the trunks become crooked and bent, yet some oaks will be thousands of years old and grow slowly but surely and secure their kindred, protect all beings.
Zeus, Jupiter, the Dagda, and Thor are all connected to Thunder and Oak alike.

Jørgen and I set out towards “my” oak on “The Headland” at Salten Long Lake, and when I met Her many years ago, She told me that her name is Rominda. I had never heard about this name before, so, I googled it and found out that it means Little Roma, a gypsy. She has always been the Tree of Truth to me, and over the years she has given me short, precise messages, which were very useful. I suppose She is several hundred years of age, and She is a solitary oak. We approach her respectfully, and I am told to put the bowl of water in Her midst among Her trunks – So this is how Oak was born within Her own heart. When it started raining, Jørgen takes the umbrella, I had brought with me, and places it between two of Her branches under which I am sat, so that the notes I take are kept dry.

Rominda starts talking: “Honesty, no beating about the bush. Paternal, paternal dignity, that kind of respect where you bow to yourself and others. To BElong. I am an indigenous tree. Take up leadership in your own life. Dignity and respect, centered in heart, help others. Eternity, life after life, generations shall follow the path of generations. Balance between logic, feelings, and instincts. Logic = roots, feelings = trunks, instincts = crown. My crown and my roots are equal in size, and are tied together by my feelings, I have my place in the logical and in the spiritual world alike. What do you want? Who are you? Where do you belong? Roots: To find your way home, to be connected to your kin, to your previous lives, and to the past in your present life. The stem: To be what I am. The crown: To stretch my branches towards the sky trying to reach the stars with my own radiance. All trees have an aura of all colours, which shines with an iridescent light, like sun on snow, and Rominda shows me, that Oak’s aura is very big, and periodically can reach all the way to the stars.

Psalm 8, v. 3-4: “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?”
Constancy, patience. Sun, happiness, tomorrow is another day. Ephesians 4:26 “Let not the sun go down upon your wrath”. If you want to be seen, then stay centered. I am very old. I offer you shade, yet light, for my branches make way for light. I am faithful to my kin. From whence does your kin come? If you have roots in other countries, even if it is in 10th generation, then be honest about it, and proud, too. No one is entirely from one country, no one. My kin can be found in many countries, too, and I am called Eg, Eiche, Drus, Duir. If you want to know the truth in a matter, what is genuine, and true to you, then ask me and I will reply briefly and clearly.

I am difficult to ignite, but when I burn, I burn slowly and for a long time, yet, I am intuitive, so lightning can strike me anytime, still I WILL survive, but then I become the shaman’s and the holy person’s tree, for I have died and returned to life. Consequently, my mind Is tranquil, constant, pragmatic, and yet intuitive. Carefully I consider, make my decisions with calm and after due deliberation.

When I love, I love forever…. And then I shall never fail.