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Forget-Me-Not – The Truth of the Innocent
Born 7.5.2020. Digit Sum 7 Neptune – The Moon

Forget-Me-Not had already chosen the time of her birth, and, without my knowing, she was born under a special full moon:

  1. Lunar Beltaine. Beltaine is a Celtic festival celebrating fertility and creativity, restoring our trust by showing us that we have done good and planted our thoughts in fertile soil.
  2. It was the last supermoon in 2020.
  3. The Alonquin-Indians call this moon in their year Flower Moon, since there are many flowers at this time of the year.
  4. Buddhism is a non-religion embracing all living beings with love, and Forget-Me-Not was born at Vesak, also called Buddha’s birthday, where Gautama Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death is being celebrated. A Buddhist once told me that Kwan Yin is the feminine aspect of Buddha, since Buddha represents the masculine and feminine aspect alike. Kwan Yin is a member of the Karmic Counsel and, working closely together with The Christ, and St. Germain, she tries to ease the heavy burden of humankind. she is very much connected to Mother Mary and Lady Nada, and the deva world.

Similar names and variations of her name, Forget-Me-Not is found in many languages. During the 2nd World War, Hitler banned freemasonry, so, the freemasons changed their symbol into a Forget-Me-Not. Forget-Me-Not is edible and is often decorating the wedding cake.

During my preparatory work I was being guided to step OUT of time and INTO silence, to tread lightly on forest ground in silent wonder; in periodical flashes of blue and gold Forget-Me-Not showed the way, and it became clear that I should walk widdershins when approaching Silver Spring, along a path, I had never walked before. Forget-Me-Not is a moonflower, you see, and by the flowing waters of Silver Spring I sat for a long time in silent meditation after having filled my container with its life-giving waters.

For the noise of the world is non-existent in the world of Forget-Me-Not. All the stuff we think we must do – is it really so important? As to the never-ending bickering of humankind, including complaints about Forget-Me-Not, that too, passes over her head, for it was never there.

Back home again, I sat down in the sun in a fresh breeze and pushed the bowl of water in the direction of Forget-Me-Not, who was very sensitive as to where I placed the bowl. Then Forget-Me-Not speaks and says:

I hope you will listen to the truth of the innocent.

I am faithful beyond measure and will guide you into the still calm voice inside.

I have patience galore and keep my inner calm, unaffected, and loving.

I am loyalty and simplicity.

I am the messenger of Mother Mary, and my actions are immaculate and pure.

I gather my blue coat around you, small, but yet so big.

I show you the way to a simple life.

I turn up where least you expect me, but always in the right place on your Path of Light.

I shall not want (Psalms 23)

I tread the world unnoticed and in silence, yet I enhance the visible; Without a word I bring the truth of recollection to their lips.

Like moonlight, I silently reflect sunlight showing the sun and mankind the depth of their consciousness.

I remind you of the essential in the midst of the un-essential, the simple in the midst of the intricate.

I grant you the most beautiful of dreams and gently remind you of who you are and where you come from.

Your blueprint, a bit of sky (my blue petals) in your inner core: A heart of gold (the golden midst my flower).

In your insignificant search for knowledge, and money, did you then forget your children? Your parents? The people close to you? Your husband?

I remind you of all the beautiful things you have forgotten, especially the little things.

I also remind you of lost dreams, happy childhood memories, and happy moments shared with those, you will always love.

These are the little things upon which the Kingdom of God is built.

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing. The wind passes on my silent message and whispers it in the ear of those, who have strayed.

The silent voice of Forget-Me-Not gently whispers in your ear: Return to the simple life, stay and gather your loved ones around you, and be faithful.

As from a dream you wake up to the most beautiful reality and see and appreciate the ones in your life.