Ensemble Consolament

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Ensemble Consolament in remembrance of the kathars who believe God is in the heart of everyone.
Brice, Mette, Sosha, sometimes one at a time, sometimes even more musicians at times, play directly channeled music.

Experience powerful healing in churches, sacred places, and elsewhere all over Europe.

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I (Sosha) dreamt that i was pregnant and remembered a
very old song that i had learned as a child in the Holy Land.

I died happily giving birth to this song, and during this birth
the world was transformed.

In Pistis Sophia Codex-A it reads:
I have had faith (Pistis) in the light, and it remembered me
and heard my song…he has placed in my mouth a new song,
a song of praise to our God…Sing your praises to the light, and
I will be quick to help you, until I may bring you to your region
from which you originally descended.