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Microsoft Office 2016 Smurfy Download Torrent

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Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 Smurfy Download Torrent

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Microsoft office in 2016 x86 x64 Professional Plus VL 17 Multi-August 2016


This version includes ISO and UTF-16 executables.

All EXE files are created in the original MSDN ISO for each language.

This is done by using a smart version of the program, which calculates

The difference between these two files (one usedasbron)

SVF and create a file based on the difference.

15/08/2016 updated

Hashes source is connected to a separate .txt


Lessons ISO (s) of non-English SOURCE ISO + Comprehensive language pack

This original ISO for each language.

Get the source code and the required ISO language

The American then jyNLsimply download the source code ISO

Run the EXE file in the same directory as the ISO source.

This is the original ISO, to get the selected language.




















(PotensiëleVals positive alarm virus]

, Milrob stevie161057,

continued support assistance with questions from members.

I hope that you will enjoy this issue!

Yours faithfully,

Generation2 @ ET KAT SPT

*** Please seeds for some time! Thank you ***

*** For


– Microsoft OfficeProfessionalPlus (x86 / x64 License and the US)

– Microsoft Toolkit (activator)

– Visual Studio Managing time (version) Play, you get to work

– Optional: Classic Menu for Office, Office Tab, remove / vidnovlennyaVhid option (REG file)

Source files


April 12, 2016


– Installation of Office 2013

– AktiveerMicrosoftToolkit (folder press service of the superstructure set AutoKMS, and then activate)

– Installation of Visual Studio Office (folder superstructure) Runtime

– Installation of any of these additional tools (catalogs to add)

– Classic Menu for offysa + Serial

– Office Tab + Serial

Right -Samesmeltingsfile deletion / restoring entries Office 2013 “to remove / repair Input (requires options restart)

System Requirements

Windows, SP1 + 10.7 Server / Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / Server 2008 R2 (64-bit and 64-bit)



CRC32: 75F6CC06

MD5: A506A25EBBDB92413C0748ABE58F36CC

SHA-1: 54D45F1DB514AA2595543464042DBA298C4877CB



MD5: F2F6FBE395EB1D24294D9246C0B090BE

SHA-1: 69C740AEE5E7716132E12E8CCA86975490F79C1F

Microsoft Office 2016

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for installer Torrent

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for installer Torrent

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10-year-old Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the test of time, offering a complete experience and a pleasure to play one of the best console ports to become momento.Torna patrónEste is the final chapter of the trilogy Playstation 2 Grand Theft Auto games. For those who are too young to pamyatatstsi never played the original,GTA San Andreas was the cornerstone of sandy games and the scale of what is innovative. History is the story of the story of the sheet to wealth, set in San Andreas (based on naLos Angeles) in the early 90’s hero Carl Johnson (CJ), returns from the east coast dadapamogu his gang,in Grove Street Family oppression. The main story takes some incredible 20-30 hours to win, Carl takes a trip to face with several groups, goes on the road through the hills and mountains up and took the attack to the casino in the region, inspired by a story Vegas.Egeta principal.Como GTA V, there are many druginachinitake your time in San-Andreas.aspecto Carls almost completely customizable, not only has a large selection of clothing, hairstyles and tattoos to buy, but can go up or learn new fighting techniques in the gym. San – Andreas also has a wide vybar240 vehicles to choose from. sheIt has a wide range, which includes bicycles, speedboats and warplanes. Finalization of missions, races and usually spend more time in proximity of each of these vehicles can improve their manexo.Outraspabochnyya missions and mini-games inclúenroubos, go on dates,ancient arcades and rounded team to deal with rival gangs grass. The game has many other ways to spend the time to talk with each of them just would not fit in this review. to palegchytsprablemy in terms of maintaining the progress of San Andreas enterpoints to prevent it from falling in the early dalgamisión.E over chaos? One of the draws Grand Theft Auto series has been free to go absolutely crazy. xentexogar much sense for these games, blowing steam and absalyutnayahaos in the city. With a huge map, a lot of characters and countlessWeapons, San Andreas have no problem to give a guilty pleasure of entering the game and go on a rampage, GTA clásico.Joysticks pills? San – Andreas is doing everything possible to provide easy to use controls. The controls are also fully customizable: KnopkiYany can bemade in your favorite of the screen, meaning that you can drag the button where quepreferido fire. In general, San Andreas similar to other games that mimic such as two joystick; game is designed for play with thumbs on the left and right sides of the screen. It is always a good experiencea step sandbox and other games. All that said, the controls are still present problemas.misións driving difficult or situations to objectively guide dokatoizstrel weapons is much more difficult than they should be. expedient vykarystovvatsgulnyavy controller to playfor Windows 8. Estefará play a much smoother and more-agradable.Os controls only problem to keep the game back from perfection. They are not so bad to stop the gaming experience, but they will cause some frustration menor.Algo outdated graphics, but they still chasugulnyaincribleOs graphics have been updated to make better use of colors, shades, equidistant and character models. However, if you are expecting it to be on par with its counterpart, the modern GTA 5 will be disappointed. Nevertheless, given the size of the game, grafikadastatkova undamaged and stilllooks better than many of the games in the app store, which is even more impressive about the game 10 years idade.GTA San Andreas, probably has the best are in every game in the app store. The game was 861 votes aktsёravu nego.Nyakoi of them are known, including Samuel L. Jackson, Axl Roseand James Woods. Voice acting is great and makes it feel like a movie instead aplicación.A music is one of the main daserie. The soundtrack of the game rivals any other GTA. There are radio stations that play other adinatstsatsI radio, and a lot of different musical genres. Musically there is something for everyonehere with radio stations playing Dr. Dre, Rage Against The Machine, and even Willie Nelson. slushamradiostantsii mission makes management more enjoyable and less monotonous.

It’s okay, though some elements kiravannyaraspeshchanaya, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one pair of the most fun games and attract new playersand fans of the original will love.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for

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Free Medical Dictionary 1 Gummybear Download Free Torrent

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Free Medical Dictionary 1

Free Medical Dictionary 1 Gummybear Download Free Torrent

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free medical dictionary is a very simple application that gives you access to all medical information that you would ever want weet.Gratis medical dictionary is divided into two areas – Language Schools and Web Search. In the field of medical dictionary, you can continue to search terms and other signs of medical in the search box or browse through the list alphabetically. Results are displayed in the main interface, and seems quite accurate and easy to lees.Die free medical dictionary Web Search only link to Google. It does not have any navigation button, so it’s really not a very comfortable way to surf safety. As far as options go, the update engine free medical dictionary and the option to stay at the top (which, incidentally, does not keep the conclusion of a session), but it is a medical dictionary dit.Gratis what you want. Some users may find useful centralization and others will appreciate an offline dictionary. For most of us, but it’s an article too simple and unsaid does not really werd.Anders business that can be downloaded from centralization, free medical dictionary does not really have much time for it.

Free Medical Dictionary 1

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CCleaner Professional 5 64 Bit Sunni fast-dl Download Free Torrent

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CCleaner Professional 5

CCleaner Professional 5 64 Bit Sunni fast-dl Download Free Torrent

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About this publication

Publication Date: 06/21/2016

+ Install portable: Viewer Tab


– Improved cleaning of Firefox and Chrome.

– Better Windows MRU cache 10 employees.

– Optimized Browser plugin custom detection.

– The method of monitoring the basis of (lorem only).

– Improved support for the size of the window, and DPI.

– Improved support for Unicode text.

– Minor GUI improvements.

– Minor bug fixes.

of CCleaner

There is a single instrument to be cleaned with CCleaner your PC.

And to you, and you are better and more quickly, your computer!

Award winning any PC

They have hoped, and it is called by the millions is to say, there is no reason why the world’s favorite tool CCleaner PC! Easy to use, click on the second begins to be clear optimize their computers. Plus it’s packed with advanced users.

Computer sooner

Slow your computer is running? The file includes the space of the hard drive more slowly and slowly it comes to pass, and the elders of the death of. CCleaner removes them to the files and faster.

Browsing safer

Online web advertising cookie on your computer and the customs of your tracks remain. To search your browsing history and cookies CCleaner Internet browser that you do not have an identity, remain secret and stay away Anonymous.

Many errors and crashes

At that time, and that errors are not broken in the ruins of the institutions in your registry cluttered. Message to clean up your PC for this to register property CCleaners cleaner is stable.

starting soon

There are many reasons for the silence of the background when you start your computer. CCleaner need help or can play as soon as it is necessary to disable the program.

Pro Version Features

– Power Books

– Privacy protection

– Real-time monitoring

– Stress Scheduled

– Automatic Updates

– Premium Services


CCleaner Professional 5

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Hamachi 2 2 download

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Hamachi 2 2

Hamachi 2 2 download

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Hamachi is a tool for creating and managing virtual private network (VPN) between multiple computers remotely. In addition, you can simulate fully encrypted and secure local area network, which can be very useful for some games.

The best tool for creating VPNZ via Hamachi you will be able to create their own virtual private networks: the software simulates a real local network between the remote computer to share files or play network gulni.Hamachi offers an easy way for access to servers, firewalls and routers to establish the connection between multiple computers. Is mostimportant, is that theconnection safe. All communication is encrypted, and it only allows access to users connected to the network server to track Hamachi.Hamachi use a computer, but all exchanges conducted with protocol P2P (peer-to-peer). You can print documents stored on your home computer from the office, but also to create their own network of virtual local area to play games with friends.

Hamachi model, dastupnastsiHamachi has some good features. You can use it on multiple computers, but it alsovery easy to use. Even less experienced users can create and manage the network as easy as choosing a name for your network andadding your friends, Hamachi is so simple and effective that it will not disappoint you.

instrumentamHamachis important reputation precedes him, it not only offers all the functions you’d expect from this type of program, it is also very easy to set up VPN vykarystanni.Yak to Minecraft with Hamachi

Minecraft game with friends is great, but to play with people you do not know can spoil the fun. The solution is to create your own VPN server that only you and your friends can access. In theory, when creating VPN network, everyone can play Minecraft server, hidden from the eyes of other Hamachi padrabyaznaLogMeIn gultsov.bolsh storage: installation and chat

Many of you out there, especially fans of games such as Borderlands and Modern Warfare, will hear about Hamachi (now LogMeIn Hamachi). As a dedicated techies, you checked, downloaded, and click, click, click go to the factory. Excellent! But what happens now More padrabyaznaLogMeIn Hamachi? file sharing

We’ll see file sharing, one of the reasons you may want to use this program. If you have already reviewed the options around, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is not a function, but it is – Hamachi makes it easier to share files, but it does not actually provide it. Let mnebolsh More

Hamachi 2 2

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AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4 x64 x86 download torrent

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AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4

AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4 x64 x86 download torrent

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If you need to read and edit AutoCAD files, AutoCAD drawing viewer is a free program that allows you to read, edit, print, convert and save AutoCAD drawing files. AutoCAD drawing view is not a replacement for AutoCAD, but it includes some useful basic functions, such as the ability to create PDF-files and JPGs drawing files in batches

Conversion drawings in different formats in the groups

Ability to view and open drawings

Viewing and editing block attribute values, text values ​​and low information

The ability to find and replace block attribute values, and text notes for AutoCAD view images needed to run AutoCAD and the developer claims that it can open files with all AutoCAD drawing versions.

AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4

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