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Bitwig Studio v1

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Bitwig Studio dynamic software to realize all stages of the production of all the musical ideas of music creation and implementation of the solution. Since the foundation of the music sound design, custom workflows to new standards. Bitwig Studio inspires take greater control of production, access to every aspect of your work, good to give. More streamlined to make the creative process and the idea quickly songs, songs and composition. With Bitwig Studio, you are the best workflow assignment.

Changes Bitwig Studio


NEW integration U-he had previously made in the browser and allows hot swapping devices U-he previously determined and a browser popup.

Note the exact time set when the clip ends will play some, it even started.

Many reports contain extracts from FIXED very slowly when selecting custom video is chosen.

FIXED Note the painting is not only the beginning of a clip and a note before proceeding.

Unlike text editor FIXED indicator calculated a chain that begins with whitespace.

FIXED machine crash when you start a new project in the project before downloading the end of the plug.

FIXED OSX random application crashes.

FIXED guide Open with the Mac VST plugins for generating an error.

STAY adaptive automation editing a clip, clip final automation event is generating a lot of songs.

VST plugins still can not remove the assignment when assigning Bitwig Studio defined presets (reader).

Regression fixed: optionally get feedback loop in some cases as a result of the latest changes to the PDC

FIXED Controller API createCursorDevice zero return when no arguments.

fixed regression: the end of may be painted a pixel.

FIXED automation drag clips in numerical boolean automation application crashes.

FIXED When replacing pop-up your browser and selecting the presets from one device to another and then ok 2 to insert the device in the chain.

Improved adaptive quantization of the standard 16 editorial should be on the network.

Increase the time the application is under way to improve the indexing library.

Search IMPROVEMENT ffprobe / FFMEPG or avprobe / avconf in Linux.

Enhanced roles Searbord rise added script MPE pitch control range of different preferences and send them in the right channel.

IMPROVEMENT improve detection category based on U-he has the predetermined folder.

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Bitwig Studio v1

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